Kim Johnson

Kim has an incredible ability to connect with her audience, her casual style, contagious energy and sincere authenticity make her an absolute joy to listen to. Kim is known as one of the most creative and unconventional speakers today delivering fun, upbeat and real content her audience will not only love, but will integrate into their daily lives.

The path to success is paved with small, daily actions.
How does the acorn become the mighty oak tree?

The acorn does not question the rate at which it grows.  Every day, the acorn grows incrementally, on its mission to be a grand oak tree.  Little by little, it transforms.

Mother Nature holds the key to true success.  Consistent action builds on itself, creating the grandest of all results.  By modeling this strategy, you can transform yourself and your world.

Kim’s philosophy and message is built on the this simple principle.  Each step of the way, every simple action matters.  Nothing is too insignificant or too small.

Are you ready to transform?

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