James Rosebush

JAMES ROSEBUSH former Deputy Assistant to President Reagan, the Chief of Staff to First Lady Nancy Reagan, and a Senior Advisor at the White House. Jim’s recently published “True Reagan:What made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters” is listed on the Washington Posts bestsellers list.

JAMES ROSEBUSH is a widely recognized leader in building and managing CORPORATE and PHILANTHROPIC organizations and serving as the outsourced CEO and senior advisor for WEALTHY FAMILIES, and family offices. For over twenty years he has been CEO of an international consulting firm, GrowthStrategy, Inc. a company focused on management strategies, finance and wealth management, marketing, and communications, throughout the world.He pioneered a holistic approach to organizational consulting which has resulted in measurable growth in earnings or assets under management for corporate clients. GrowthStrategy clients have included major international companies and startups such as JPMorgan, Mercedes-Benz, Tudor Investments, Bankers Trust, Bessemer Trust, McDonald’s, Sapient, Cannon, Coca-Cola, The Carlyle Group, Stargazer Fund, GlobalBond Fund, Columbia Capital, Cisco Systems, Calibre, Northgate Capital, Medigo, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Mitretek, and over 300 others.

James Rosebush speaks on various topics including:

The Rise of Impact Investing and Impact Philanthropy

How to Talk so People Will Listen

The Disruptive Future of Education

The New Leader in Global Demand

How to Become an Effective Philanthropist

What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters

First Lady Public Wife: The Role of the American First Lady

2016 Panel Discussion C-SPAN – Independent Women’s Forum Policy Summit

Ford Library Speech October 2016

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