The Moxie Mentor

Women in Financial Services and Attract and Retain Women Clients

The Moxie Mentor is dedicated to the Financial Service industry and how advisors and women clients are the key to future industry growth and stability.

Before selling her practice and starting The Moxie Mentor, Judy forged a trail of success in the male dominated world of financial advisors for almost 3 decades.  Her desire to serve, along with intuitive interpretation of client concerns, ability to address multiple facets of the planning process, and her humor forged client relationships that lasted decades. Her ability to successfully balance work and family, demonstrated to others that this business is a great spot for women.

Women excel at finding the essence of what clients want and need.  The next step is to connect their client to the right professional (Estate Planning Attorneys, CPAs, and other trusted individuals) who provide additional services.  Making connections is what women do effortlessly and in the financial services industry, that is a big key to success.

Connecting people is the heart of networking smart and not spending countless hours glad-handing at multiple events.  Build strong, healthy, intertwined databases where people work to help each other.  Keep in contact through systematic, easy methods.  Learn to mix Big Data and Connectors to open doors outside of current reach.

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