Robyn Hatcher

“Lightening captured in a bottle that zaps you to a new way of thinking.” Using a mixture of the latest Brain Science, acting techniques & charisma, Robyn motivates and inspires people to be more powerful, engaging and confident communicators.

“…But when Robyn walked up and turned to face us, she exuded presence and power without sacrificing warmth and authenticity.” – Linda Lowen, Women’s Issues

Having been an extremely shy child, Robyn Hatcher is now works with people who need and want to be more powerful, engaging and confident communicators.

Robyn brings an extensive array of experiences to her presentations and workshops. She has been a professional actress having appeared on television in commercials and dramas; on New York and regional stages and her voice can be heard on several radio commercials. She’s written for two daytime dramas and her personal essay is part of the anthology Dancing at the Shame Prom (Seal Press, 2012) She is also a certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner.

Many other communication experts will deliver the same “What” that Robyn delivers, but few are as well versed in the “Why” and the “How.”  Her study and knowledge of brain science enables her to share very specific scientific evidence and techniques to help audiences understand and shift the way they approach the “science” of communication. Her acting and writing experiences gives her creative tools and techniques to help audiences develop the “art” of communication.

Robyn’s first book on presentation skills, Standing Ovation Presentations (Motivational Press, 2013) marries all of her varied experiences. In it, Robyn has created a unique communication style typing system called ActorTypes, which identifies an individual’s core strengths as they relate to nine different character types found in movies and TV. Standing Ovation Presentations was listed on as one the top 100 Coaching Books and was named by Six Figure Startup as one of 4 Fun Business books.

Robyn founded her boutique training and coaching consultancy, SpeakEtc., 18 years ago and has helped over thousands of business professionals in fields that include the financial industry, human services, entrepreneurs and many others.

She is a popular sought after speaker and presenter. Here’s what some of her audiences had to say:

“Clever and dynamic. Lightening captured in a bottle that zaps you to a new way of thinking with her coaching. Robyn presented for 7 Degrees of Women in Finance, a senior level roundtable of women on Wall Street and was phenomenal. Her vocal command, presence, creativity and imagination are remarkable. She understands the needs of business professionals and is a master of her art. She has a broad range of skills to help anyone perfect their message and deliver it with power.” – Victoria Hart, Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

“…It doesn’t matter what your level is in your organization — you’ll walk away with more than a nugget to energize your presentation skills. If you’re seeking a skilled communicator and presenter to develop your team I strongly recommend Robyn Hatcher…” — Jacqueline Waiters, Digital Media professional

“Today’s was a fantastic lunch and learn and Robyn is a brilliant presenter. The subject is an incredibly important one, non-verbal communication being a set of signals we all intuit in every encounter, yet this is the first time I’ve heard it discussed in such depth in the workplace. Just fascinating stuff (and timely, too).” Andrew Conn, PR and Strategic Communications Professional