Paul E. Puckett, Jr.

Paul Puckett is an Investment Advisor, Investment Consultant, Insurance Agent, Speaker & Author of two books; Investiphobia: Overcome Your Deepest Investment Fears, and Retirement Income Lock. He is the Host of Getting There, a weekly one hour radio show

With more than twenty years in the industry and experience in almost all areas of financial services, he has observed tremendous anxiety and uncertainty in investors and realized people were all suffering from a condition created by their own fears.

Investiphobia is the abnormal, paralyzing, and irrational fear of anything relating to investing, investment professionals, and investment products. Investiphobia causes poor investment performance by preventing sound financial decisions. Paul’s book provides investors with the ability to invest without fear.

As interest rates rise, bond funds will fall in value causing retired investors to lose money and income. Paul’s new book, RetirementIncome Lock, provides a new approach to asset allocation that maintains traditional equity investing but replaces bond funds with principal and income guaranteed insurance products. When investors know their income is dependable, they are more likely to remain invested regardless of market fluctuations.

Paul’s unique talents and perspective help investors enjoy their lives without the worries related to their money. He uses humor and an entertaining approach to reach audiences interested in understanding themselves and their money.

Committed to the KISS principle – Keep Investing Simple and Straightforward. Paul is dedicated to eliminating the impact of fear on investors’ portfolios and, more importantly, on their lives…one investor at a time!

He believes “Your money is important, but it’s purpose should be to provide for an enjoyable self-determined life. Your life is infinitely more valuable than your money. Your life should be exciting and your portfolio boring!”

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