Matthew Halloran

Motivational, Inspirational, success, and practice management speaker with 10+ years of speaking experience.

I have been speaking to Financial Services professionals for the last 12 years.  Even though I have three major topics I speak on, this one is the most popular.

The world of a financial advisor has changed drastically since 2009.  I have coached over 600 advisors and hear the same thing over and over, “How do I rise above the noise of other advisors to make myself heard?”

You have to learn how to be irreplaceable to your clients.  This speech talks about getting away from feeling commoditized and having to justify your fees by following the four keys to becoming irreplaceable to your clients:

  1. Be Unique
  2. Be Genuine
  3. Be  Good Listener
  4. Be Proactive

Learning from the Top Advisors all over the US and Canada, I have found focusing on these four steps will change your business, make your more preferable and make you a lot more money.

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