Maria Guida

Maria Guida provides programs for financial services organizations who want to develop power speaking skills, to become more persuasive, productive, and profitable.  She is an executive coach at Fortune 500 companies and former actor on Broadway, TV, and film (working with Paul Newman, James Earl Jones, and Kevin Kline).  Maria provides experiential and innovative speaking techniques that create impact and the power to influence.  As a result, senior managers in her audiences improve their competitive edge and get buy-in faster.

Program:  “From Broadway to Business:  Lessons From the Stage for Leadership Success”

With this program, participants take away lessons from the Broadway stage about personal qualities and strategies that engender trust and strengthen the competitive edge in any industry.  The program includes a lively mix of lessons and stories from the theater that have relevance for all leaders who want to enhance their executive presence and conduct business with spontaneity, integrity, and a winning style.

Program: “Leadership Presence:  Speak with Passion, Persuasion, and Pizzazz”

Whenever you speak for business, you are on stage; listeners are forming an impression of you from even the most subtle aspects of your delivery style.  This program provides performance techniques to engage and influence listeners by using vocal and physical demeanor to build trust and increase credibility.  Participants learn to be confident, clear, and concise and adopt speaking behaviors that enhance leadership presence and the competitive edge.

Program:  “Build Your Brand Credibility” (Presentation Skills)

The most successful leaders are master persuaders.  This program presents a powerful strategy to influence and motivate listeners in meetings, conversations and presentations: the time-honored technique for belief-building that actors have been using successfully for decades.  Participants learn a step-by-step process you can implement immediately, to project authenticity and focus your mind for a strategic, engaging, and persuasive delivery of every business message.

Program:  “Enhance Innovative Thinking, Team Building, & Presence With Acting Improvisation”

Improvisation teaches you how to address your business listeners’ needs in ways that are compelling for them.  It strengthens imagination, flexibility, and a sense of timing.  This highly-interactive program promotes the “yes and” mindset, developing openness and creative thinking.  Participants engage in theater games, improvisation, and mind, body, and voice techniques that enhance interpersonal connection, trust, collaboration, confidence, and the ability to think quickly on your feet.  Discover how play will improve the way your team works.