Daniel Bax

In 2005, Daniel Bax crashed while test-driving a high-speed motorcycle. En route to the hospital and during surgery, he died four times, and woke up in a hospital bed, paralyzed, with no idea who he was. His doctors said he would never walk, talk, or even feed himself again. But headstrong Daniel had other ideas. This was the unlikely start to an amazing journey of discovery.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2012. Daniel Bax pedals his mountain bike ninety miles, walks up the cottage steps, and tells his friends about a new pattern of good fortune that keeps gaining momentum. He explains that the same combination of inner qualities that heal severed nerves can also heal lives, transforming patterns of hardship into success and self-actualization. His career is now rocking.

In The Life of Your Choice, Daniel Bax reveals how to create the possible and make things get better—vastly better, no matter how dark the starting point. He firmly believes that his astounding discovery was meant for all of us and that each of us can create the life we want. After all, it begins with a rebellious spirit, which means that many of us have a head start.

Daniel Bax is an inspirational keynote speaker and breakthrough recovery coach for the medical and rehabilitation community, educational institutions, insurance companies, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people with neurological disorders and other mental or physical challenges. His message is for people who want change and have reached the point where they will do whatever that change requires of them. Daniel truly inspires people, giving them not just hope but also tools, and the impetus to take action.

The Life of Your Choice shows how you, like Daniel Bax, can be the next Miracle Man or Wonder Woman.

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