Brad Szollose

“Brad Szollose is one of the most impressive keynote speakers
I have had the pleasure of watching in 40+ years.”

 Ben Gay III

 Executive Director
The National Association of Sales Professionals
Author of The Closers 1 & 2

Brad Szollose is the foremost authority on workforce performance strategies—which includes a deep understanding of Millennials.  Author of the award-winning international bestseller Liquid Leadership, Brad is a former C-Level executive of a publicly traded dot com agency that he cofounded.

The world’s leading business publications seek out Brad’s insights on Millennials, and he has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Inc., Advertising Age, The International Business Times, and Hindu Business Line to name a few, along with television, radio & podcast appearances on CBS and other media outlets.

Brad’s programs have transformed a new generation of business leaders, helping them maximize their corporate culture, productivity and sales growth in a New Economy.

TEDx Talk from Tarrytown from July 12, 2016.
The Age of Radical Disruption | Brad Szollose | TEDxTarrytown
How Millennials and Serious Gaming Will Transform the Future of Everything:

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video: For over twenty years, Brad Szollose has been helping business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, academia and even parents understand the sweeping changes 21st Century Technology has made on the next generation—changing how we pay, how we work, how we romance and how we play. The reason there is so much resistance from Generation Y, Millennials and the soon to be adult Generation Z, is due to one thing; they weren't raised like Baby Boomers. And the impact of this is just beginning to be felt. How do you retain, engage, motivate and create a legacy, when the new generations want something else? The answers are in Brad's award-winning book Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia.

video: Just a few moments at MasterCard Worldwide in Purchase doin what I do best.

video: Rockstar AcademyUnderstanding The Millennial Mindset with Brad Szollose: The Rockstar Academy is proud to present an interview with award-winning author of Liquid Leadership, Brad Szollose. We talk to Brad about how generational differences affect our ability to influence those above or below us on the company ladder.

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