ASGMC, Inc, Jan Sparrow and Scott Asalone

For more than 14 years ASGMC, Inc continually brings the latest research, coupled with industry changing best practices and a dynamic delivery so individuals and organizations experience positive change and success. Jan Sparrow and Scott Asalone, co-founders and former VPs at Merrill Lynch, know what it takes to succeed. They offer information in a memorable, actionable way every time. Achievement and long-term success are the focus and goals of everything ASGMC wants it’s clients to attain. Positive psychology research plays an integral part in all the work ASGMC offers. Because of it’s success ASGMC has worked all across North America, Europe, Asia and South Asia giving them a global perspective and a bevy of best practices. Most recently they spoke at three international psychology conferences on workplace success and contributed a chapter on high performance teams in Psychologie Positive en Environnement Professionnel, October 2013

Keynotes and workshops: ASGMC focuses on the topics of teamwork, communication and leadership. Workshops and keynotes are based on recent research in success and achievement. Topic examples include “Benchmarking the High Performance Team,” “Impression Management: The Art of Connection,” and “Positive Leadership.” They also have developed expertise on personal achievement and published Pathways to Greatness in 2008. Topic examples include “The Mental Edge” and “Roadmap to Personal Greatness.”

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