FILTER: Motivational Speaking

Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack has spent 33 years as a Professional Sport Psychologist, teaching Olympic, World champion and professional athletes how to… [read more]

name: Dr. Jack Singer


email: $8,500-$15,000

Peter Thurin

Peter Thurin has been empowering thousands of people from all parts of the world for over a dozen years. As… [read more]

name: Peter Thurin


email: $20,000-$35,000

Holland Haiis

Holland Haiis is The Connectivity Expert and the perfect conscious communicator. Holland has been named one of 100 global thought… [read more]

name: Holland Haiis


email: $7,000-$15,000

The Moxie Mentor

Women in Financial Services and Attract and Retain Women Clients The Moxie Mentor is dedicated to the Financial Service industry… [read more]

name: Judy Brosky


email: $5000-$13,000