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Marc W. Halpert

I am a “multi-preneur” having started 3 companies, all of which I continue to operate. My latest business, connect2collaborate, spreads… [read more]

Speaker Name: Marc W. Halpert

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Fee Range: $7500+

Ivy Slater

I help a variety of women business owners globally, in places as far away as Italy, Geneva, and Canada, to… [read more]

Speaker Name: Ivy Slater

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Kieron Sweeney

A highly regarded inspirational speaker with a very diverse range of topics. Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, business “expert… [read more]

Speaker Name: Kieron Sweeney

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Fee Range: $10,000-$15,000

Andrea Schlapia

Speaker, Consultant and Educator of Practice Management Strategies for Financial Advisory Professionals with Focus on the Fundamental 4™. Book Andrea… [read more]

Speaker Name: Andrea Schlapia RCC™, HCS, sHRBP

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Fee Range: $7,500+

Tamara Jacobs

Be The Brand Your Ultimate Success Plan International Speaker, Trainer, Author Tamara Jacobs is Founder & CEO of TJC, Inc;… [read more]

Speaker Name: Tamara Jacobs

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Fee Range: $7500 - $15,000