How ConnectRoot Works

What is ConnectRoot?

Our goal with ConnectRoot’s  Platform is to simplify the search process within the financial services industry by carefully matching a vetted expert with a given business need through a very personalized, single-step process.

Through our  platform, ConnectRoot focuses on introducing the finest professional speakers, industry experts, entertainers, leadership trainers and team builders, as well as offering a range of other services including event planning, marketing, content, social media, travel, gift giving and much more.

What type or category of speakers are available through ConnectRoot’s Speakers Bureau?

Motivational, inspirational, educational, keynote, conference, event, corporate team building, entertainers, humorous speakers and more!  Here you can view ConnectRoot’s Speaker Profiles

What type of services are offered through ConnectRoot’s Resource Partner Directory?

Writing, Web Development, Event Planning, IT Consulting, Data Security, Compliance Services, Marketing, Social Media and more!  Here you can view ConnectRoot’s Resource Partner Directory

What type of gifts are offered through ConnectRoot’s Corporate Gift Giving Directory? High-end tasty treats and libations for clients and strategic partners during the holidays and special occasions, it also offers a broad range of charities and worthy causes. Here you can view ConnectRoot’s Corporate Gift Giving Directory

How much is your service?

Our service is free for clients. We cover our expenses through a percentage of the expert’s fee.

How much does a speaker cost?

On top of the speakers’ fee, clients are responsible for speakers’ business travel and expenses.  All fees are negotiated directly with ConnectRoot and the speakers you hire.

How far in advance should you book a speaker?

ConnectRoot can work quickly based on your needs, however, we do advise a lead time of three to six months for some of our speakers.

Who should I contact to source an expert through ConnectRoot?

Contact Kelly Newsome at 732 619 4506 or or tell us how we can help you.