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Welcome to the Corporate Gift Giving Directory, a single-click service that makes gift giving (or charitable giving in lieu of a gift) to corporate clients easier than ever. Our unique and specialized artisans tastefully offer Sweet and Savory Connections, Cheese and Specialty Products and Corporate Customized Gifts. ConnectRoot is introducing unique Artisans to the industry, bringing their distinct and amazing products into your hands.

MY WINE GUIDE (made simple) – The reference book for vinophiles and vinophobes alike. Have you ever wandered into the wine store and felt overwhelmed with the array of options? Or have you been too intimidated to order a bottle of wine with dinner at that fancy restaurant? Maybe you just love wine and want to increase your basic knowledge? Fear the grape no more! My Wine Guide (made simple) will give you the tools you need to make an informed decision every time. This guide will help you every step of the way from choosing the right bottle opener, understanding regions and labels, as well as pairing suggestions based on variety and flavor profiles.

About the Author:

Gérard Saint-Cyr is originally from Montreal and speaks fluent English and French, is conversational in Spanish and has working knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. and began his career in flavors and fragrances in Montreal and Toronto. Since his late teens, he has been intrigued with wine. He harvested grapes in Switzerland and visited vineyards where he tasted wines in numerous other European countries, Asia, Canada, Australia and the United States. After several years abroad he moved to the United States where he studied and taught wine theory and worked for a time as an independent wine broker. He holds four wine certificates from the United States and Switzerland.  Mr. St-Cyr is currently a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley offering high net worth clients tailored and comprehensive financial strategies

The Justin Veatch Fund is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization created by the Veatch family following the death of 17 year old Justin Veatch from an accidental drug overdose in 2008.

The Justin Veatch Fund recognizes the teaching of music and art is a critical component of a child’s education. The mission of The Fund is to award annual music scholarships and provide young artists opportunities to collaborate with and be challenged by a network of like-minded peers and professionals.  Events sponsored by The Fund include open mic nights, music workshops and an annual concert which allows the most talented of Fund participants to open for a headline artist.

Our parallel mission is to advise teens and young adults about the perils of substance abuse.

Dancing Classrooms, which inspired the award-winning documentary, “Mad Hot Ballroom,” brings ballroom dancing into public elementary and middle schools as an effective social and emotional learning (SEL) program.  This program teaches children how to connect and partner with others and, in doing so, enhances their self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem to help them succeed in life.  More than 200 schools in New York City offer our program.  We have 31 sites across the country and globally that offer the Dancing Classrooms program.  Nearly 50,000 children a year go through this 10-week, in-school program.  Our goal, with additional funding, is to deliver this program to 100,000 children a year by 2020.

Pierre Dulaine, founder of Dancing Classrooms and a former ballroom champion, was featured in a more recent documentary, “Dancing in Jaffa,” about his efforts to bring Israeli Jewish and Muslim children together for the first time through ballroom dancing.  There is a petition circulating to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize for his “dance not war” approach to creating more peaceful relationships between children.

Inspired by the world of high fashion, and its need for healthy, all-natural beverages backstage, Big T NYC was created, and is the world’s first line of couture teas. Each tea and tisane is thoughtfully designed for optimal beauty and wellness benefits. With zero calories, loads of antioxidants and deliciously sophisticated flavors, Big T NYC couture teas blend fashion and flavor for the ultimate healthy indulgence.

New York City Children’s Theater is a nonprofit organization that creates original, entertaining and enriching theater for young audiences and adults to enjoy together. We believe a city as culturally rich as New York needs a children’s theater that produces high-quality original productions and develops robust arts-in-education programs, serving children in all communities across the five boroughs.
Our mission is to promote children’s literacy and social development through professional theater productions and arts-in-education programs. We demonstrate that engaging young people in the arts has a positive impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development, and furthers a lifelong appreciation of the arts.